I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my medical practice. The experts at All Data are by far the best. From the accuracy of each outgoing claim to solutions on all billing issues, they have played a significant role in the successful growth of my practice. I highly recommend them."

Larry Neuman, MD
Medical Director, Heights Medical Care Multi Specialty Center, New York, NY

"I've been using All Data for 15 years and they have played a crucial role in the success of my practice. The specialists at All Data are simply unparalleled. From ensuring clean outgoing claims to resolving all billing issues, they are the best deal in town."

Juan Sandoval, MD
Women's Medical Service & Ambulatory Surgery Center Brooklyn, NY

"I have had my office billing done by All Data for the last 16 years and am very happy with the services they provided me. They are very competent billers and perform outstandingly well in rebilling rejected claims. I recommend them highly for their professional services and their trustworthiness."

Edward Cotlier M.D.
Ophthalmology, Bronx, NY

"Before using All Data, we processed our medical billing in-house because we wanted to directly supervise the billing staff. About 11 years ago, due to continuous staff absences, we switched to All Data and were pleasantly surprised. They work closely with us and we have real-time access 24/7 to the billing process and ERA’s online. It’s like we actually have a highly skilled professional in-house billing staff, who excel at maximizing the payment of every single claim."

Purna Atluri, MD, Gastroenterology
Romeo Jones, MD, Internal Medicine
Atlantis Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

"I've been using All Data to handle all the billing needs of my busy practice in New York for many years. When I decided to relocate my private practice to Nashville, I had many offers from local medical billers. However they could not compare to All Data's services and results and I was pleased to learn that All Data provides nationwide medical billing! Now I'm back with them and very happy with their superb services. They are great!"

Alexander Prikhojan, MD
Psychiatrist, Nashville, TN

"As a doctor, my primary duty is to practice medicine – not to get sidetracked with complex billing procedures. About 15 years ago, I brought All Data on board. The service I have received from All Data is simply unparalleled. They really turned around my billing operations in a short time. In fact, they swiftly credentialed me with numerous additional carriers that allowed me to accept more insurances and raise my revenue by almost 45%!"

Brian Butler, DPM Podiatry - Foot Surgeon The Brooklyn Hospital

"I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my cardiology practice. The skilled billers at All Data have been very helpful. I do not have the need for in-house billers; hence reduce payroll size."

Felix Oviasu, MD
Garden City Heart Center, Long Island, NY