Company History

A brief overview detailing the growth of All Data Health...and how it became New York's #1 medical billing company.

1980 – All Data Health founded in collaboration with a group of New York medical professionals by submitting paper claims to Medicare and Medicaid

1982 – Expanded services to include multiple commercial insurance carriers and began to specialize in Internal Medicine billing procedures

1983 – Office became fully computerized and began submitting data to insurance carriers via IBM floppy disks to shorten payment cycles

1985 – Started offering billing services specializing in other medical specialties including Cardiology, Radiology and Dermatology

1987 – Moved to a bigger office location in Brooklyn to accommodate the expansion of additional billing specialists

1988 – Gained distinction as one of the first New York billing companies to begin submitting insurance claims electronically

1989– Created a customized billing computer program named "Foxtrot" enabling the company to specialize in additional medical specialties such as Anesthesiology and Pathology

1992 – Implemented a unique system to carefully review all submitted billing codes and adjust as necessary to maximize payment disbursements

1995 – Moved to a larger office location and began creating different in-house divisions dedicated to specializing in specific medical specialties

1997 – Embarked upon a rapid expansion by maintaining separate divisions specializing in specific medical specialties

1999 – Leased a new office location in the heart of Brooklyn to accommodate the tremendous internal growth

2000 – Created a sophisticated billing software program called "Sequel" that streamlined the overall billing process and allowed for faster payments

2002 – Launched official corporate website and physician portal providing clients with full transparency for real-time data, billing reports and disbursement history

2004 – A full time IT department consisting of inhouse computer programmers and networking specialists was created to develop the SpeedData™ software and robust claims scrubber to comply with LCD/Guidelines for all carriers and guarantee clean claims submissions

2007 – Revised corporate website and physician portal by creating additional hi-tech features to enhance usability

2011 – Solidified reputation as one of New York's premier billing agencies by launching the Alldata Clinix EHR software program enabling clients to abide by Federal regulations while maximizing payment disbursements

About All Data Health

Clients Testimonials

"I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my cardiology practice. The skilled billers at All Data have been very helpful. I do not have the need for in-house billers; hence reduce payroll size."

Felix Oviasu, MD
Garden City Heart Center, Long Island, NY