What are the main advantages offered by All Data Health?

As one of New York's original medical billing companies, we have the extensive knowledge and experience to provide clients with specialized services that will address their every need. Unlike most billing companies that lump all medical specialties together during the billing process, we offer multiple billing divisions specializing in different specialties. Simply put, the billing and coding issues affecting a cardiologist will differ from those facing a radiologist – and we ensure that every outgoing claim addresses those particular issues to maximize your disbursement amounts.

How can I know that All Data Health is making sure my claims are accurately coded and processed?

We are empowered by a staff of consultant physicians and insurance underwriters that have experience in dozens of medical specialties. In addition to our team of billing specialists that physically review every outgoing claim, our exclusive SpeedData™ billing software features a detailed rules engine and robust claims scrubber that guarantees clean claim submissions and prompt payments, effectively eliminating the traditional hassles posed by denied or underpaid insurance claims.

Do any other medical billing companies offer similar options provided by the SpeedData™ billing program?

There is currently no other medical billing company in the industry offering such a sophisticated and accurate billing system. This proprietary technology was developed exclusively by All Data Health at the cost of over $5 million, and is in compliance with all carrier LCD/coding guidelines and provides clients with unparalleled billing precision that remains unmatched.

Why can’t I simply use my in-house EHR program to perform all my medical billing?

Well, you could – but that often translates into less profits. While an EHR platform can streamline tasks and store patient information, the billing options offered don't utilize the optimal billing codes or actively look out for denied claims and underpayments. All Data Health's skilled billing experts do. Above all, we have the ability to accurately streamline your billing needs by integrating our billing services with virtually all EHR platforms – including our very own, award-winning Alldata Clinix EHR software platform – allowing you to benefit from the best of both.

Will switching to All Data Health be a difficult transition to adjust to?

The only thing you'll experience by transitioning to All Data Health will be the quicker payments you'll receive – generally 2 to 3 days faster than traditional thirdparty clearinghouses – and the virtual elimination of rejected claims, underpayments and costly delays. All Data Health will appoint a designated manager to work with your office staff and seamlessly transition the billing process to our facility. Our many clients view us as an off-site extension of their medical practice's billing department – without having the expense of hiring additional staff or paying for a larger office space.

Will I have secure access to my account details?

Absolutely! You will have 24-hour online access to our internal billing system which includes HIPAA-compliant real-time reporting and a secure file encryption that safeguards sensitive information. This can be accessed from your home, office or any other location – all you need is a standard computer and internet access.

How can I find out more about the services offered by All Data Health?

You can contact us at (718) 302-1800 or send an email to Info@alldatahealth.com and find out how you can immediately empower your medical billing process…only with All Data Health.

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Clients Testimonials

"Before using All Data, we processed our medical billing in-house because we wanted to directly supervise the billing staff. About 11 years ago, due to continuous staff absences, we switched to All Data and were pleasantly surprised. They work closely with us and we have real-time access 24/7 to the billing process and ERA’s online. It’s like we actually have a highly skilled professional in-house billing staff, who excel at maximizing the payment of every single claim."

Purna Atluri, MD,
Gastroenterology Romeo Jones, MD,
Internal Medicine Atlantis Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY