According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), approximately 30% of all billing claims are rejected – and only 50% of those are ever resubmitted and reimbursed properly. This is precisely why All Data Health places such a strong emphasis on the accuracy of every outgoing claim.

In addition to having certified coding specialists individually reviewing each claim and providing initial CPT and ICD codes, our patented SpeedData™ billing software– which is in compliance with LCD/Guidelines for all carriers – utilizes the best insurance codes for maximum reimbursement and features a detailed rules engine and robust claims scrubber that guarantees clean claims submission and prompt payments.

Other benefits that assure claim accuracy include:

  • Customized Superbills & Patient Encounter Forms
  • Comprehensive Procedure Code Analysis
  • Annual CPT Code & Modifier Updates
  • Annual Review of Superbills and Fee Schedules
  • Bundled Services & Coding Error Prevention

Most importantly, our SpeedData™ billing software actively looks out for any denied claims or underpayments and immediately commences to follow up and facilitate receipt of payment from the insurance company within an amazingly short timetable.

Above all, we have the ability to accurately streamline your billing needs by integrating with virtually all EHR platforms through our secure online database, allowing medical professionals to benefit from the advantages of EHR software while simultaneously benefiting from the expert medical billing services offered by All Data Health.

All Data Health Benefits

Clients Testimonials

"I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my cardiology practice. The skilled billers at All Data have been very helpful. I do not have the need for in-house billers; hence reduce payroll size."

Felix Oviasu, MD
Garden City Heart Center, Long Island, NY