All Data Health is a leading provider of medical billing services for over three-decades. With corporate headquarters located in New York, All Data Health has gleaned a sterling reputation for serving clients with the highest levels of professionalism, trustworthiness and expertise.

Unlike traditional medical billing companies, All Data Health is unique because it was founded in coordination with a group of physicians to directly address and resolve the A/R, billing and remittance challenges that many medical professionals face in their day-to-day practice operations.

The services offered by All Data Health include:

Additionally, every participating practice is provided with a dedicated billing specialist who studies the way each individual practice’s back office operates and utilizes the information to implement billing procedures that achieve higher than average A/R rates per processed claim.

At All Data Health, we aim to serve as an extension of your office’s billing department – not as an outsourcing facility. By working remotely within your current billing platform, the professionals at All Data Health possess the ability to perform a wide variety of customized processing and adjudication services for medical providers in over 40 different specialties with one goal in mind: to increase your bottom line.

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Clients Testimonials

"I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my cardiology practice. The skilled billers at All Data have been very helpful. I do not have the need for in-house billers; hence reduce payroll size."

Felix Oviasu, MD
Garden City Heart Center, Long Island, NY