Over the past two-decades, All Data Health has garnered a reputation as the skilled medical billing specialists, benefitting clients by serving as a clearinghouse for nearly all insurance companies and submitting directly to Government and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Carriers – resulting in payments that are 2-3 days faster than traditional third-party clearinghouses.

The professionals at All Data Health consistently stay abreast of the ever-changing rules and regulations within the medical industry to ensure optimum billing submission and payment procedures.

The tangible results offered by All Data Health include:

Our aggressive follow-up procedures on unpaid, denied or underpaid insurance claims guarantee rapid reimbursements within just a few short weeks and our staff of certified coding specialists excel at challenging insurance companies to receive maximum reimbursement on incorrect disbursements.

Most notably, clients maintain secure 24-hour online access to All Data Health’s internal billing system and have the ability to view the real-time status results for each individual claim, allowing for complete transparency and demonstrating how we work to ensure you earn every billable dollar that’s rightfully yours.

All Data Health Benefits

Clients Testimonials

"I've been using All Data to handle all the billing needs of my busy practice in New York for many years. When I decided to relocate my private practice to Nashville, I had many offers from local medical billers. However they could not compare to All Data's services and results and I was pleased to learn that All Data provides nationwide medical billing! Now I'm back with them and very happy with their superb services. They are great!"

Alexander Prikhojan, MD
Psychiatrist, Nashville, TN