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After helping medical professionals achieve financial goals, streamline billing procedures and maximize profits for over 25 years, we are pleased to inform you about All Data Health’s newest venture: the integration of our award-winning billing services program and a state-of-the-art EHR (Electronic Health Records) & Practice management system called AllData Clinix™.

As a medical professional, you are surely aware of the latest industry changes affecting the medical field and understand the importance of implementing a CCHIT certified EHR system into your practice.

We at All Data understand the frustration that these changes may be causing you and have developed a system to make the process substantially easier – and enable you to generate more billable profits than ever before.

The benefits offered through this venture are numerous and will undoubtedly streamline operations, simplify patient routines and allow you to obtain thousands of dollars in valuable government incentives.

Please click here to download a high-resolution brochure explaining how you can empower your practice with AllData Clinix™ – one patient at a time.

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Clients Testimonials

“I've been using All Data for over 30 years to handle the billing needs for my medical practice. The experts at All Data are by far the best. From the accuracy of each outgoing claim to solutions on all billing issues, they have played a significant role in the successful growth of my practice. I highly recommend them."

Larry Neuman, MD
Medical Director, Heights Medical Care Multi Specialty Center, New York, NY