Company Overview

All Data Health has a rich and proud history built on professionalism, innovation, and trust.

Founded in 1980 in collaboration with a group of New York-based medical professionals, the principals of All Data Health recognized the need for a billing company that would understand the specific needs and characteristics of a physician’s medical practice.

With a rapidly expanding client base generated solely through satisfied referrals, the professionals at All Data Health mastered the complexities posed by billing codes and worked hand-in-hand with doctors hailing from many different specialties to ensure maximum billing profitability.

The benefits offered through All Data Health's extensive experience are multifold and include:

About All Data Health

Clients Testimonials

"I've been using All Data for 15 years and they have played a crucial role in the success of my practice. The specialists at All Data are simply unparalleled. From ensuring clean outgoing claims to resolving all billing issues, they are the best deal in town."

Juan Sandoval, MD
Women's Medical Service & Ambulatory Surgery Center Brooklyn, NY